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Early morning run to Breakfast at Antonio’s in Tagaytay City

Our great national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, was executed by the Spanish army in December 30, 1896 for alleged treason. 2 years later, the first president of the Philippines, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, officially declared Rizal’s death anniversary a national holiday or “a national day of mourning.”

Rizal has written many novels, mostly about nationalism, about the country and has inspired the Philippine government and its people to stand up against the Spanish colony during the 19th century. Which resulted in his execution by the Spaniards.

Lately, though, Filipinos don’t really mourn for the death of Rizal every December 30, instead, they opt to travel out of town or go on short vacations between December 30 and January 1 or 2.

This year is no exception especially with our 2-week long holiday from December 24 to January 4, who wouldn’t pass up vacation opportunities? (This year’s holiday break is particularly long, you can view the list here.) So upon returning from Hong Kong on December 29, Fiancé and I decided to go for an early morning run to Tagaytay the very next day.

Tagaytay is one of the most popular day-trip destinations from Manila. It’s just a mere 2-hour drive or a 3.5-hour commute from the city. One of the reasons people also come here is that the weather is cool all year round even during summer due to its high altitude. Tagaytay is also where people come to see the world’s smallest active volcano — Taal Volcano (shown below).


Photo credit to Thousand Wonders.

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New Year, New Blog!

I am very excited to include blogging in my list of New Year’s Resolutions! I’ve been blogging for myself since 2005 — chronicling about the ups and downs of my life, and the lessons I’ve learned. But now I’ve decided to change a few things and focus on blogging about my travels instead.

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