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Shopping, shopping, shopping in Christmas-fied Hong Kong!

I am, once again, spending Christmas in Hong Kong! I wouldn’t be posting more than 1 entry about my trip to Hong Kong since I feel like Hong Kong is my second home!

Every few years, my family’s main reason for spending our Christmas holidays and New Year’s out of town is to get away from the traffic and pollution in Manila. Sure, we miss the festivities in Manila every once in a while but who also wouldn’t get excited spending the holidays in another country and in a different culture??

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Christmas in the Philippines Part 3: The decors


Photo credit: CNN

We have tons of Western decors that we normally put up during Christmas season, such as statues of Santa Claus, reindeers, stockings, Christmas trees, fake snow, wreaths, mistletoes, poinsettias, and shiny Christmas balls.

But we also have our own local Christmas decors like the parol and the Belen.  Parol — a star-shaped Christmas lanterns usually made from paper, plastic and wooden sticks (sometimes they also use shells) —


Parol photo credit: Gino Manalastas

and Belen — a tableau depicting the birth of Christ (which also comes in many sizes from one that can fit in one hand to one that is as life-sized as Shaquille O’Neil).


belen-pintadaBelen photo credit: mynerja.com


Christmas in the Philippines Part 2: Brace yourselves for CAR-MAGEDDON!!

For every upside, there’s almost always a downside. And I have to be honest, being the country with the longest Christmas season in the world — and residing in the Manila — is that it has a really huge trade-off: CHRISTMAS TRAFFIC.


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Christmas in the Philippines Part 1: The -ber months



“January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, Sep… CHRISTMAS TIIIIIIIIIME!!!”

Our Christmas starts on the very first month that ends with the syllable -ber. I’m not kidding. The Christmas decors and, sometimes, the carols start as early as September. Walk into our local department store and I swear to you, Christmas songs will be playing in the background while you shop!

It doesn’t stop after December 25 though,

Keep holding your breath…

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Preparing for Christmas in the Philippines: Just how LOOOONG is our holiday?!

Ok, so without consulting your trusty Mr. Google, do you really know the number of days Filipinos celebrate Christmas??

<Insert your answer here. Yep, yours.>

It’s been said that the Philippines has been recognised as the country with the longest Christmas season in the world! Not only that, how Filipinos celebrate the entire season is also one of the most unique in the world in terms of grandeur!

I grew up in this country for almost 30 years now, so I can personally narrate to you what makes celebrating one of the most fun, most anticipated and busiest time of the year uniquely Filipino… and in my case, Filipino-Chinese. 😉

I’m writing a few of my thoughts in separate blog entries. Let me show you in my next few posts in the coming days. 🙂

Gorgeous Christmas decors at The Peninsula Manila!

It is definitely not a good idea to start a blog entry saying that I did not like Christmas, but unfortunately, it’s true. Because of my experiences in the past, I was never a fan of Christmas until my then-boyfriend (now-fiance) slowly opened my eyes to the beauty of the Christmas season. I now anticipate it every year… And in different places!

Sharing you the gorgeous Christmas decors of The Peninsula Manila in Makati City 🙂



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