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Biking around Sukhothai — the cradle of Thai civilization

Sawadika! Hubby and I decided that to better understand the culture of Thailand, we need to visit one of the oldest cities of the country. We chose the ancient city of Sukhothai — the cradle of Thai civilisation, very first capital of Thai Kingdom and designated as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in 1991. And the name Sukhothai literally means “dawn of happiness.”


Photo credit: travelthailandhappy.blogspot.com

Sukhothai Historical Park is 427km north of Bangkok. Normally, tourists who want to visit the Park would stay in Phitsanulok — one of the oldest cities of Thailand and the birthplace of King Naresuan who freed his people from the Burmese colony in the 16th century — and do a 2-hour drive from Phitsanulok to Sukhothai. Or some who stay in Bangkok, would take a flight straight to Sukhothai in the morning, and come back to Bangkok at night (Bangkok Airways operates 2 flights per day). However, due to time constraint, we opted to stay in Chiang Mai and take a 4-hour drive to Sukhothai instead.

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Viva la Vigan!


Photo credit: Wikipedia

This year, Vigan City of Ilocos Sur in the Philippines, is hailed as one of the New 7 Wonders in the Cities of the World category. This helped our country gain more recognition worldwide!

President Bernard Weber, President of New7Wonders Foundation, announced on its website last December 7 as it ended its search for seven cities that represent the global diversity of the urban society.



Photo credit: It’s More Fun in the Philippines

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The Beautiful Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg

aerial-view-catherine-palace-in-tsarskoye-seloPhoto credit: saint-petersburg.com

I visited Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg in the spring of 2011. The palace was nothing like I’ve ever seen before in my life!

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