Blessed to have such adventurous and open-minded parents, I have been exposed to the world of traveling since I was one year old and have continued to travel up to the present. I have been to 132 different places in the world, in 22 different countries, and do not plan to stop globetrotting until I have visited at least 70% of the earth!

Traveling has always been both a dream and a reality to me. As a dream, it serves as a motivational tool to work hard, earn a living so that I can plan for the next places to see and next things to do; and as a reality, I feel very grateful that most of my plans in life have materialized and knowing full well that, through hard work and prayers, they will continue to do so.

I see traveling as one of the foundations of good education and invaluable life lessons to anyone so I plan to use this blog as a means to, hopefully, educate and open the eyes of others about the world around us. Expect nothing but my personal unbiased opinions of the places I’ve visited and sights that I’ve seen. Hope you enjoy your journey with me!

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(All photos in this blog are mine unless otherwise stated.)