Streaming Café: One of Kelowna’s best hand-crafted coffees laced with music and arts

Kelowna is the most populated city in the Okanagan Valley accounting for around 40% of the total population of The Okanagan (the names Okanagan Valley, The Okanagan and Okanagan Region are used interchangeably in this entry). The city of Kelowna is booming with tourism and arts, culture, both indoor and outdoor activities available to anyone of any age. So, personally, it is no surprise that Kelowna produces one of the best hand-crafted coffees in the city, if not the entire Region.


(Image courtesy of Kelowna Live Music Blog)

Before starting our day in Kelowna, we went to Streaming Café early in the morning for a cup of freshly roasted coffee and light breakfast. We ordered a cup of latté, breakfast sandwich and broccoli soup.

Rich, aromatic and full-bodied café latté.

Yummy breakfast sandwich with ketchup on the side.

The very light yet very delicious broccoli soup.

While enjoying our heavenly food, we admired the unique interior works of the place and found out from one of the servers that it transforms into an events place every Saturday night!

Their service is, by the way, very good. In fact, the servers were energetic and quick to respond to us when we asked  for recommendations and about the place.

Cashier area where they serve a small variety of delectable eats.

A group of young adults discussing in one of the Café’s tables.

A woman reading her morning paper by Streaming Café’s signature wall.

One of Streaming Café’s interesting side tables.

Streaming Café’s events ad board.

Unfortunately, we stayed for only 2 weekdays in Kelowna so we couldn’t see the live event for ourselves, but we plan on going back to The Okanagan next summer so it might be possible for us to drop by Kelowna again and have an awesome time in one of Streaming Café’s Saturday night events!

To see the list of their upcoming events, click here.

Streaming Café is located at 596 Leon Avenue, Kelowna, BC and is open at 7am-5pm on Mondays to Fridays and 10am-9pm on Saturdays.

Check out their website here.


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