The Back Porch: Harrison Hot Springs’ hole-in-the-wall flame-roasted coffee, pottery and more!

We visited Harrison Hot Springs expecting only to spend most of our time in the beautiful mineral-rich pools, little did we know that this is where we’d taste one of the best flame-roasted flavour-filled coffee.

Sign board.

The Back Porch sells roasted coffee, pottery, basket weaving, etc. It is only a few minutes drive away from Harrison Hot Springs and is one of the regular stops of those visiting the small town.


The Back Porch’s coffee roasting and pottery studio. (Image courtesy of Lurie’s Tumblr)

While at the studio, we met one of the owners of this family-owned business — Lynda. She talked to us about the history of their business which started 14 years ago when Lynda’s husband came home one day and decided to quit his job. Being a coffee enthusiast, he decided to buy a small roasting kit from a local store and from there her husband experimented with batches of coffee beans before discovering an antique coffee roaster, and the rest, they say, is history.

One of the family owners Lynda posing in front of her self-made ceramic products. 

More of Lynda’s ceramics. 

Her unfinished pot. 

Her work board. 

Beautiful ceramics for sale.

Lynda’s work station. 

Her husband and daughter are now both artisan coffee roasters and use an authentic antique 1919 flame coffee roaster for their coffee. Lynda is a potter and basket weaver and has been doing them for 30 years. She was very easy to talk to and explained a lot of things about their studio and their property.

Her husband’s coffee trees for sale at $4.00 each. 

Coffee beans. 

Coffee to taste. 

Antique 1919 coffee roaster. 

In front of their property is a Victorian house; and around the property are areas for lounging, having short walks with nature, and a very small chicken farm where you can feed the chicken.

The Back Porch’s Victorian House in the front of the property. 

Lounge area beside the house. 

Work shed. 

Large chicken coop. 

The chickens can roam from the inside of their coop to the outside. 

I would suggest buying a cup of fresh roasted coffee from their studio, wander around their property for a few minutes or talk to the owners, before going back to the studio to purchase some of Lynda’s beautiful ceramic pots and heading home.

You can call The Back Porch at 604-796-9871 or email them at for more information.


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